Henry the Sixth, Part 1

Hard Words

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Note: TLN refers to the Through Line Numbering system employed by the University of Victoria's Internet Shakespeare Edition of the 1623 First Folio edition of Henry VI, Part 1. Scene numbers are based on the cut edition adapted for the University of Waterloo production of Henry the Sixth, Part One, available HERE in its most up-to-date form. Older editions are available in the dramaturgy hub.

In all cases except where otherwise noted, the Oxford Shakespeare edition of Henry VI, Part I (edited by Michael Taylor) has been used for cross-referencing and clarification purposes. For specific citation details, please see the production Bibliography.

Glossary compiled by Kelsey Sewell, Research Dramaturg.


1.1a, TLN 10

“Comets importing change of Times and States”

1.1a, TLN 11

“Brandish your crystal Tresses in the Skie”

1.1a, TLN 31

“What? shall we curse the Planets of Mishap”

1.1a, TLN 53

“Cease, cease these Iarres, & rest your minds in peace;”

1.1a, TLN 90

“Cropt are the Flower-de-Luces in your Armes”

1.1a, TLN 103

“The Dolphin Charles is crowned King of Rheimes”

1.1a, TLN 165

“Bonfires in France forthwith I am to make”

1.1a, TLN 166

“To keepe our great Saint Georges Feast withall.”

1.1a, TLN 183

“To Eltam will I, where the young King is”

1.1a, TLN 190

“And sit at chiefest Sterne of publique Weale.”

1.2a, TLN 195

“Mars his true moving, even as in the Heavens/ So in the Earth, to this day is not known.”

1.2d, TLN 332

“Why no, I say: distrustfull Recreants”

1.3a, TLN 361

“Since Henries death, I feare there is Conueyance”

1.3a, TLN 372

“Breake up the Gates, Ile be your warrantize”

1.3a, TLN 385

“Arrogant Winchester, that haughtie Prelate”

1.3b, TLN 393

“[Winchester] and his men in Tawney Coates”

1.3b, TLN 395

“Piel’d Priest, doo’st thou command me to be shut out?”

1.3b, TLN 397

“I doe, thou most usurping Proditor”

1.3b, TLN 403

“Ile canuas thee in thy broad Cardinalls Hat”

1.3b, TLN 410

“Do what thou dar’st, I beard thee to thy face”

1.3b, TLN 424

“Out Tawney-Coates, out Scarlet Hypocrite”

1.3c, TLN 429

“Thus contumeliously should breake the Peace,”

1.3c, TLN 432

“Hath here distrayn’d the Tower to his vse.”

1.4a, TLN 494

“Call’d the braue Lord Ponton de Santrayle”

1.4a, TLN 510

“The Scar-Crow that affrights our Children so”

1.4a, TLN 519

“And spurne in pieces Post of Adamant”

1.4a, TLN 545

“How far’st thou, Mirror of all Martiall men?”

1.4b, TLN 581

“Puzel or Pussel, Dolphin or Dog-fish”

1.5a, TLN 595

“Here, here shee comes. Ile have a bowt with thee:”

1.5a, TLN 596

“Deuill, or Deuils Dam, I’ll coniure thee:”

1.5a, TLN 597

“Blood will I draw on thee, thou art a Witch”

1.5a, TLN 607

I must goe Victuall Orleance forthwith:”

1.5a, TLN 614

“My thoughts are whirled like a Potters Wheele”

1.5a, TLN 616

“A Witch by feare, not force, like Hannibal”

1.5a, TLN 621

“Now like to Whelpes, we crying runne away”

1.5a, TLN 624

“Or teare the Lyons out of Englands Coat”

1.6a, TLN 644

“Diuinist Creature, Astrea’s Daughter”

1.6a, TLN 657

“When they shall heare how we haue play’d the men”

1.6a, TLN 669

“No longer on Saint Dennis will we cry”



2.1a, TLN 686

“Lord Regent, and redoubted Burgundy”

2.1a, TLN 690

Hauing all day carrows’d and banqueted”

2.1a, TLN 692

“As fitting best to quittance their deceite,”

2.2a, TLN 799

“Am sure I scar’d the Dauphin and his Trull”

2.3a, TLN 898

“This is a Riddling Merchant for the nonce”

2.3a, TLN 922

“Taste of your Wine, and see what Cates you haue”




2.4a, TLN 930

“Dare no man answer in a Case of Truth?”

2.4a, TLN 946

“But in these nice sharpe Quillets of the Law”

2.4a, TLN 947

“Good faith I am no wiser then a Daw”

2.4a, TLN 950

“That any purblind eye may find it out”

2.4a, TLN 959

“White Rose”

2.4a, TLN 962

“Red Rose”

2.4a, TLN 998

“Hath not thy Rose a Canker, Somerset?”

2.4a, TLN 1012

“We grace the Yeoman, by conuersing with him.”

2.4a, TLN 1014

“His Grandfather was Lyonel Duke of Clarence”

2.4a, TLN 1016

“Spring Crestlesse Yeomen from so deepe a Root?

2.5a, TLN 1079

“Waxe dimme, as drawing to their Exigent”



3.1a, TLN 1269

“Least it be said, Speake Sirrha when you should”

3.1a, TLN 1294

“Doe pelt so fast at once anothers Pate”

3.1a, TLN 1301-1304

“Nay, if we be forbidden Stones, wee’le fall to it with our Teeth” / “Doe what ye dare, we are as resolute”

3.1a, TLN 1313

“To be disgraced by an Inke-horne Mate”

3.1a, TLN 1331

“You see what Mischiefe, and what Murther too”

3.1a, TLN 1365

“And I will see what Physick the Tauerne affords.”

3.1b, TLN 1387

“And in reguerdon of that dutie done”

3.1b, TLN 1388

“I gyrt thee with the valiant Sword of Yorke”

3.2b, TLN 1445

“Here enterd Pucell, and her Practisants”

3.2c, TLN 1476

“’Twas full of Darnell: doe you like the taste?”

3.2c, TLN 1504

“Seignior hang: base Muleters of France”

3.2c, TLN 1529

“And will be partner of your weale or woe”

3.2c, TLN 1532

“That stout Pendragon, in his Litter sick”

3.2d, TLN 1569

“Now, where’s the Bastards baues, and Charles his glikes?”

3.2d, TLN 1579

“But see his Exequies fulfill’d in Roan.”

3.2d, TLN 1580

“A brauer Souldier neuer couched Launce”

3.3a, TLN 1621

“Now in the Rereward comes the Duke and his:”



4.1a, TLN 1755

“My gracious Souerigne, as I rode from Calice”

4.1b, TLN 1863

“Such factious aemulations shall arise?”

4.1b, TLN 1902

“Let me be Vmper in this doubtfull strife:”

4.2a, TLN 1951

“Leane Famine, quartering Steele, and climbing Fire”

4.2a, TLN 1963

“Shall lay your stately, and ayre-brauing Towers”

4.2a, TLN 1997-8

“A little Heard of Englands timorous Deere,/ Maz’d with a yelping kennel of French Curres”

4.2a, TLN 2000

“Not Rascall-like to fall down with a pinch”

4.3a, TLN 2020

“Swearing that you with-hold his leuied hoast”

4.4b, TLN 2223

“Then talke no more of flight, it is no boot”

4.5a, TLN 2246

“My Icarus, my Blossome, in his pride.”

4.6a, TLN 2278

“See where he lyes inherced in the armes”

4.6a, TLN 2279

“Of the most bloody Nursser of his harmes”

4.6a, TLN 2281

“Whose life was Englands glory, Gallia’s wonder”

4.6a, TLN 2294

“But where’s the great Alcides of the field?”

4.6a, TLN 2310

“Stinking and fly-blown lye sheer at our feete”



5.1a, TLN 2391

“Now Winchester will not submit, I trow”

5.2a, TLN 2423

“Let Henry fret, and all the world repine”

5.3a, TLN 2427

“Now helpe ye charming Spelles and Periapts”

5.4a, TLN 2495

“Yet if this seruile vsage once offend”

5.5a, TLN 2653

“God knows, thou art a collop of my flesh”

5.5c, TLN 2784

“Shall I for lucre of the rest vn-vanquisht,/ Detract so much from that prerogatiue,/ As to be call’d but Viceroy of the whole?”