Performance as Research in Early English Theatre
Studies: The Three Ladies of London in Context

The Three Ladies in London in Context project aims to enrich early English theatre studies by introducing the work of the UK-based Performance as Research movement into the frameworks that dominate North American research and teaching. Robert Wilson’s popular comedy, The Three Ladies of London, 1584, revised in 1592, is our touchstone. Shakespeare’s Henry the Sixth, Part 1, performed in 1592, is our comparison case.

In June 2015, theatre historians, literary scholars, and performance-as-research specialists from Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia, came together to:

  1. articulate how Performance as Research is relevant to early English theatre studies;
  2. develop new, performance-based approaches to research and teaching in early English theatre studies;
  3. extend our understanding of the performance networks and practices familiar to Wilson, Shakespeare, and their contemporaries;
  4. develop resources to document our work and assist further research and teaching.

These goals have been met and finalized during and post-conference. See the updated essays and the video.

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