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Keynote Speaker: Dr Rob Conkie (
Senior Lecturer in Theatre and Drama at LaTrobe University, Victoria

'Fain would I dwell on form': Performance / Publication / Pedagogy

Dr Rob Conkie.
Dr Rob Conkie, Senior Lecturer in Theatre and Drama at LaTrobe University, Victoria.

This keynote address will focus on intersections between performance as research, publication, and pedagogy. It will argue for innovative approaches to form in order to represent and articulate the complexities of such intersections. It will further argue for a mode of practice that seeks actively to exploit such intersections and interactions. Finally, the address will consider each of the points of this triangle as potential and (potent) origin points for creative and critical enquiry and practice.

Citation: Conkie, Rob, ‘'Fain would I dwell on form': Performance / Publication / Pedagogy’, Performance as Research in Early English Theatre Studies: The Three Ladies of London in Context,

About Rob Conkie

Rob Conkie’s writing about Shakespeare in performance, particularly about performance as research, is distinguished by its innovative approach to form. Conkie’s work is also especially distinctive in its integration, and inter-relation, of performance practice, critical writing and pedagogy. His productions of Shakespeare, including workshop productions for the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, range from political adaptations to ‘original practices’ productions and have been staged in festivals in both the UK and Australia. These workshops have included productions of an Australian Indigenous Hamlet, and an ‘original practices’ Othello and Henry IV, Part 1, and have led to publications which have interrogated, for example, the multiple ways by which theatrical productions make meaning, the processes of rehearsal as a means of textual engagement, and the potential implications of original practices staging for contemporary productions of Shakespeare. His new book, Writing Performative Shakespeares: New Forms for Performance Criticism, from Cambridge University Press, is forthcoming in 2015.

Recent publications include: