Please pay your registration in February ONLINE. After that month the registration will be open to a general and auditing academic audience: we have spaces for only 80, and the conference itself consists of about 40. So, please reserve your place by paying now!

NOTE the fee does not include parking or accommodation (except for keynote speakers, seniors, and graduate students). It does include all meals, coffee breaks, and theatre tickets.

FEBRUARY 5 - March 15 Invited participants (as on list): $75 + tax
March 16-June 16 Late fee $100 + tax.

MARCH 16 - April 16 Auditing participants: $150 – one-day rate is $75 + tax.
April 16 - June 16 Late fee $175 + tax, or day-rate $85.

Credit cards accepted online. Cheques must be in Canadian dollars.